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How to use the Wix Theme Manager

Branding is everything. That's what my creative-business-guru fiancé says to me often anyway. And she's right. The credibility of your business relies on the professionalism and consistency of your website and social media. That's why branding guidelines and sticking to them is very important for any business.

The easiest way to ensure that you stick to your branding throughout your entire website is to use the Wix Theme Manager. This allows you to choose YOUR brand colours and YOUR fonts and what should be used where. By choosing the font, text size, colour and alignment of every heading and paragraph in one go, it means you don't have to worry about consistency AND it means if you want to alter things slightly, you can change all your main headings at the same time. This is a huge time saver if (when) you want to make a few changes.

After editing your website from your website's dashboard, you can access the theme manager by using the corresponding tab.

You can now easily change your websites key colour scheme (Wix automatically gives you different shades of each of your selected five colours, so make sure you know which ones are correct for your branding). Next, you can select your font and text size for 'Headings' and 'Paragraphs' which act like global templates for your entire site. Now when you create some text, you can choose for it to be 'Heading 2' or 'Paragraph 3' and voila! How easy is that? It can be a real time-saver and ensures your whole website sticks to your branding.

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